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Welcome to Heritage Ranch
Heritage Ranch is a non-profit agency serving the Pacific, Northwest, and Southwest with projects serving Hawaii, Washington, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. We are focused on introducing new sustainability tools and technologies to improve the quality of life in underserved communities. Environmental stewardship, resource conservation, local historic preservation, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and multi-cultural diversity have been the cornerstones of our programs since 2004.

Heritage Ranch coordinates rural community facility and renewable energy development programs, hosts agriculture education / ag-tourism programs, and promotes technologies that aim to preserve and improve the rewarding and irreplacable heritage of rural living. We also host sister programs that promote increased environmental stewardship and preservation of open spaces in urban communities.

Our fun and rewarding education programs include online distance learning and hands-on real world learning opportunties for all ages, with an emphasis on memorable cross-generational discoveries and experiences for youth and adults. We work with many types of communities - from remote Native American villages to inner-city youth programs - all aimed at better meeting the needs of underserved communities.

  • By working with youth, seniors, families, and classrooms in multi-cultural rural villages and towns, or in urban inner city schools, Heritage Ranch provides unique opportunities to explore, experience, and understand the benefits of building safe, healthy, sustainable land-based communities.
  • Participating youth learn to use new communication technologies to share their discoveries with their parents and proudly showcase their project-based accomplishments to their friends and family.

  • Adult participants develop a new appreciation for local and regional history, art, literature, environmental sciences, value-added agriculture, renewable energy, and sustainable rural community development practices.
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